Will Bunker - Marketplace Development Advisor

Will believes traction speaks louder than words. Since building the dating site that became Match.com in the 90s, he has bootstrapped several startups to profitability. Will has worked with countless entrepreneurs to help them scale their business. With his San Francisco fund, GrowthX, he’s looking to mentor great early stage ideas and the next great entrepreneurs.

See 2RedBeans, Cargo Chief and Sprig as example investments.

Don’t let his slow southern drawl fool you, he’s a fast thinker - especially when numbers are involved.

Fast Facts

  • Will always keeps flashcards on him and is always trying to memorize or master something
  • Will traveled around the world with Tony Robbins for a year
  • Will created the largest online dating site in the 90s beating Yahoo
  • Will is an investor in over 150 startups
  • Will began his career working with N.B. Hunt, who sent him on a series of amazing adventures across Russia and Nicaragua, including physically carrying $250K of gold from Managua, Nicaragua to Miami, FL every other week.