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The Connected Car Company

CarForce's initial goal is to connect the 162m disconnected but highly intelligent cars to their dealer dashboard.  With a CarForce SaaS subscription dealers can now plug in, log in, and check in with their customers; something they've never been able to do before.  Currently we are plugging in over 20 units/day at each dealership.

Make Anything a Remote Control

Knocki detects and identifies tap or knock patterns on the surfaces of tables, walls, counters, doors, and more.  Using the free app, specify actions that correspond to a certain number of pattern of knocks.  For example, you can attach knocki behind your nightstand and then knock your nightstand to turn out lights and set an alarm.


Crowdsourced Advertising

Wrapify is a disruptive advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising.  Through its proprietary mobile application and technology, Wrapify gives drivers an easy source of extra income, plus the power to choose the marketer and "look": full, partial, or panel advertising.  Brands receive the security of control and benefit of trackable results.  Every member of the Wrapify Network ecosystem passes certification before they touch and transform a vehicle.  Wrapify is the easiest way to make money on the road short of finding it in the street.


The Future of Studying

Users upload content such as PDF files, web pages, YouTube videos, wiki pages and PrepFlash uses cognitive computing software IBM Watson (similar to SIRI and Google Now) to automatically rank themes and key concepts and create study aids.  Study aids include vocabulary, fill in the blank flashcards; and multiple choice/True False quiz questions.


TopGolf for Shooting Ranges

TargetVision has recognized that the shooting industry, and the shooting experience in particular, has lagged behind in technological development.  TargetVision builds hardware and software solutions to help automate many of the inefficient processes that exist at the gun range to improve the shooter's experience, while allowing the gun range owner to collect meaningful data.


Better Family Communication Through Play

Kinskii is a suite of mobile apps aimed at providing faraway family members and their loved little ones a way to connect through play.  With current video chat solutions, conversations often last less than 3 minutes due to a lack of engagement for young children.  With the combination of realtime video feed on characters in our game developed to build connections and conversations, Kinskii increases the level of engagement in children and gives families a real chance to build relationships from any distance.


Kayak of Golf Tee Times

Supreme Golf aggregates tee times from top sites like GolfNow (exclusive), TeeOff, TeeKart (China's premier online tee time site), Golf18 Network, and others, to make the task of booking a tee time faster and easier.  This unique approach instantly makes Supreme Golf the largest tee time marketplace on the internet.


Customer Service & Review Aggregation Platform

GripeO Social ReSolve is a platform, with 3 areas of focus.  The three areas are our Help Desk and Gripe Marketplace, where if a company doesn't acknowledge a gripe, we will find a business who will, sentiment analysis, and, we're very excited to announce the launch of a killer new feature born out of customer feedback.  GripeO Review Aggregation, or as some are calling it, "MINT" for Customer Service.  This will be your one stop shop to monitor all your reviews in one place.


Public Policy Without The Noise

Polco brings unbiased policies to voters as a platform that allows people to vote, give their opinions, and comment on policies by meeting them in the online spaces they choose: websites, blogs, emails, mobile applications, and embedded or independent widgets.

A better way to find information about your University.

AskU provides a centralized platform for students to ask and answer questions about their university. Already having over half of the population at Texas A&M using AskAgs, AskU is additionally gaining amazing traction at UT with its AskTexas brand.

Making real-time real easy.

Fanout is a real-time infrastructure company that makes it easier to build and scale things like chat, multiplayer games, streaming data, or anything that needs to update without manually refreshing a page.  The Fanout team has been focusing on fine tuning this service for almost 2 years and have finally started to scale.

Disrupting the way humans use computers.

Gazoo has developed a unique and exclusive platform for delivering cloud computing to a variety of devices including the Mac or PC, tablets, smart phone and even smart TVs.  Their hardware not only provides a standalone virtual Desktop Infrastructure, it also reduces size footprint, heat signature and power consumption.

Free, adaptive SAT prep for any student, anywhere.

Prepify, is making high-end online SAT prep free for millions of underserved students by charging university recruiters for personal introductions to our platform's top performers.  Our adaptive, gamified web app personalizes our proven curriculum to individual strengths and weaknesses--and dramatically cuts the cost colleges pay to recruit top low-income students, all while providing top-tier test prep completely for free.

Buy and sell new and used cycling and triathlon gear.

reQwip is creating a trusted mobile and web marketplace for buying and selling new and used sports gear listed by individuals and shops. reQwip is making sports affordable and accessible, so that more aspiring and serious athletes can discover and excel in sports they love. They have created key partnerships with almost every key player in the Austin triathlon scene and launch next week in Austin. Have old sports equipment in your garage? “reQwip it.”

Wellness and Engagement Program

Sportwip is a new enterprise culture, health and engagement platform trusted by high performing companies.  They are a new way teams accomplish goals, share values and adopt healthy habits.

Workflow Happiness for Field Marketing


Outfield makes it easy to discover valuable insights about your market, track + verify team activity,
and communicate effortlessly across all your devices.

An anonymous photo sharing app for college campuses.

Unseen provides university students with a platform to anonymously share photos. They provide students with a fun new way to share and connect with others on campus. Unseen currently receives 3,500 downloads per day, and has over 70,000 total downloads.

Freight management you can trust.

Arrive Logistics is the most reliable, responsible, and respected freight logistics provider in North America.  With revenues exceeding 15MM in year 1, they are set up to have 3x to 5x growth in 2015.