About Sumo

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Seed Sumo, located in Bryan/College Station, TX is a mentorship driven accelerator that assists young entrepreneurs with turning their early-stage startups into successful businesses.

We run a three month long program (near Texas A&M University) once each year. We’re very selective – thousands of companies apply and we only take about ten companies each year. These companies get $50,000 in seed funding, in exchange for around 10% equity. Founders also get great perks such as free hosting, world-class branding services, finance/legal counseling, an amazing place to work, intensive top-notch mentorship, and a massive network of connections.

During the 100-day period, which will begin mid-May and conclude in late August, accepted founders ideate, strategize, research, build, test-market, and as the program culminates, fine tune their pitch which each startup shares in front of a large investor audience called “Demo Day”. The 2014 class of 8 startups have raised around 4MM since demo day in September. Founders are exposed to a heavy dose of mentorship designed to provide priceless insights from dozens of highly skilled and successful entrepreneurs, executives and business owners.

There is immeasurable value in the mentorship-driven connections and advice each startup receives once accepted into the Seed Sumo program. When the program concludes, being an alumni does not. The supportive network of Seed Sumo alumni, mentors, and investors is unrivaled.

The Seed Sumo Accelerator Program will be marketed heavily across Texas and other startup communities nationally through mentor/investor networks, online, and at various related events across Texas. Seed Sumo is proud to be a member of the Global Accelerator Network, which is a network of around 62 of the top acceleration programs in the world. Historically, companies going thru similar “Accelerator” type programs go on to average more than $1.5M raised in outside capital after the program.


OUR Purpose

Discover & Ignite Startups




Our values

We live and breath our values everyday.  They are our foundation and we look to them before we make any decisions, create new partnerships, or invest in any company.  They keep us in check. 



All we do is win/win

Whether it is the way we structure deals, partnerships, or any agreement we or any of our startups get into, it must always be Win/Win.  Plus we think it has another meaning too :)

Nothing is ImPossible

We believe this and try to instill this in each and every one of our founders.  We love how even the word itself says "I'm Possible"

Front of the Jersey

It's amazing what can be accomplished when you quit thinking about yourself and focus on the team ALWAYS.

Actions speak louder than words

Don't talk about it, be about it.  If you say you are going to do something...Do that thing.

Don't Sell Out

This pertains to a lot of things we do, but at the end of the day, Remember where you came from and don't do it for the money.

Pay it Forward

This is the easiest way we filter out people from our network, if people aren't willing to pay it forward or "give before they get", we typically don't do business with them.