Bryan Bulte

Bryan is an entrepreneur, app architect, advisor, and mentor, who is passionate about making a difference and positively impacting people’s lives. Bryan has cofounded dozens of companies over the last 15 years, some were acquired, some still active and some failed miserably. He believes he learned the most from the one’s that failed.

5 Things to know about Bryan:

1. He architected the UI and business model for a CRM used by over 4,200 companies today

2. Is known to demand results and constantly preaches that "every hour matters".

3. Played football at the Air Force Academy and Texas Tech

4. Co-Founder of Seed Sumo and helped create the business model

5. Co-Founder of Hot Pepper Pitch

Bryan is very active in the startup community and serves as a mentor at Startup Aggieland. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, cross-fit, reading, great restaurants, fly-fishing, and traveling. He is married to Ashley (the sweetest girl he’s ever met) and has two amazing sons named Knox and Hudson.

Bryan is the Founder and Managing Director of Seed Sumo and is in charge of the day to day operations.