If you are a startup and are looking to get into a quality accelerator program, you need to get a clean website up that explains your product. You would not believe some of the websites we come across that automatically remove the startup from our list.  Luckily there are extremely simple tools you can use these days that help you build something quickly and extremely cheap or free.  No programming experience required.

Edicy – Beautiful full screen websites (Free trial)

Squarespace – Beautiful full screen websites (Free trial)

Moonfruit – Web and Mobile builder (Free trial)

Pagelines – WordPress website builder ($$)

Plings – Create super-simple website pages (Free trial)

GoogleSites – simple, not fancy, web host provider (Free trial)

Weebly – Probably the quickest way to get a site up (Free trial)

Yola – Compares with Weebly (Free trial)

We aren’t saying to go spend a ton of money on your website.  In fact, try to spend no money at all initially.  You are going to change too many things in the first couple years so you want to use something that is quick and easy to make changes with.  Most of the above sites have worked well for us over the years and are all very easy to make changes to on the fly.


When we land on your website, we should be able to figure out what you are trying to do in under 20 seconds.  If this is not possible and the concept needs more explaining, then you might want to consider a short (Under 2 minute) explainer video.  Writing paragraph after paragraph explaining your product is just not efficient.