9 Reasons To Love Seed Sumo

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to see or hear what takes place at Seed Sumo, here is an inside look into the new facilities, as well as the entrepreneurs that are utilizing the facilities’ exquisite features.

Brief overview: We have 9 companies that are comprised of 29 entrepreneurs. Having spent only a few weeks at our facilities, the teams were asked what their favorite physical attribute of the facility was.  Each of these 9 companies from all over the world, received funding and relocated to Bryan/College Station, TX to spend the next 100 days being mentored and crystallizing their business models.  A “Demo Day” concludes the program on August 28th where hundreds of investors will get a chance to see each of the 9 teams pitch.

1.) Gazoo - Our favorite feature of Seed Sumo is the ability to Apple Airplay onto any of the TV’s throughout the facility. This gives us the ability to quickly display what we are working on for everyone to see. Check us out at https://www.gazoo.co


2.) Sportwip - Our favorite feature at Seed Sumo is the Gym. It gives us the ability to take a break after a long days work. It also ties into what we do as a company. Check us out at http://www.sportwip.com


3.) Handpicked - The Solarium is our favorite place at Seed Sumo. It provides a great aesthetic value to the workplace, and is by far the most peaceful place at the office. Check us out at http://handpicked.io


4.) ReQwip - We love the chairs in the main atrium. They are a great place for us to gather and work. They provide us a place to get away for a bit and focus. Check us out at http://signup.reqwip.com


5.) AskU - What workplace is complete without a Kegerator? You know this would be your favorite feature of Seed Sumo if you got to work here. Check us out at http://askags.com


6.) Two Cents - The basketball court is by far our favorite physical attribute of Seed Sumo. We get to play pickup games after work, and relieve the stress of starting our company. Check us out at http://www.herestwocents.com

7.) Prepify - The Men’s Locker Room is probably our favorite place at Seed Sumo. It is fully equipped with anything you need to get ready, and even has towel service. Check us out at http://signup.prepify.me


8.) Peach - The sauna is probably our favorite place at Seed Sumo, followed closely by the hot tub. Check us out at http://usepeach.com

9.) Secret Startup - We love the view from the 2nd floor of the office. It overlooks Traditions Golf Club and is a great place to grab some fresh air.  Due to an exclusive story being released soon, we cannot release details for 10 more days.

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