Bill Biggs

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Bill is the Managing Partner of Promentum Sports, one of the fastest growing communications consulting firms in the U.S., serving notable clients such as the NBA, NFL, Heisman Trophy winners,  Olympic champions, and leading collegiate athletic programs. Bill  was personally responsible for the coaching and preparation of Johnny Manziel and his 2012 Heisman acceptance speech which ESPN deemed “one of the best in history”.  Bill is also the Chief Operating Officer of the Daniel Stark Law Firm, one of the largest personal injury firms in Texas and a leader in the legal industry for its innovation in technology and progressive team culture. With a graduate degree in educational psychology and years of experience on stage and in the boardroom, he’s used his unique understanding of what drives human behavior to accelerate performance in media, communications, and the corporate world.  He has fully embraced two simple ideas: 1) Your words matter, & 2) People are important.


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