Casey Oldham

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Casey is the founder of Oldham Goodwin Group, LLC and currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Casey is rooted in every aspect of Oldham Goodwin’s business. He oversees corporate strategic planning, analysis of corporate positioning and overall corporate initiatives. Casey is also responsible for establishing and monitoring operational and financial key performance indicators and implementing company-wide strategic goals. He is tasked with helping to develop operational procedures, overseeing efficient resource allocation of personnel and capital, and ensuring best business practices are being utilized.

Casey has extensive experience in transaction management, valuation, finance and deal structures for various real estate genres and businesses. In addition to his management abilities, Casey has managed and negotiated a number of real estate work-outs for distressed properties and turn-around situations.

Casey is also a managing member and/or partner of multiple real estate and business partnerships. Casey enjoys golfing, fishing, hunting, and diving, and lives in College Station, Texas, with his wife, Sarah.

From Seed Sumo:“Casey is a big time connector who works hard and seams to know everyone.”

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