DJ Monteilh

I'm a firm believer that your title shouldn't entitle you! Life's too short to be serious all the time so although my official title is "The Keeper of Cool" I also act as "The Stiff Arm of Seriousness" for Seed Sumo, which I am a Co-Founder. 

Seed Sumo is a startup accelerator based out of Bryan/College Station, TX. We invest in 8-10 early stage startup companies a year and put them through an intensive boot camp for 3 months each summer. Although most of the companies we invest in are expected to attend the accelerator we also have a seed fund that invests in larger financing rounds. We look for hungry, well thought out teams that move fast and think big.

Prior to Seed Sumo I lead large teams in the heavy lift and heavy haul business. This gave me a solid foundation in teamwork and attention to detail. My love of fitness lead me to partner in a Crossfit gym in 2012 and soon after to start Seed Sumo with three of my best friends from childhood. I enjoy duck hunting, basketball, golf, wake surfing, and basically anything to do with spending time with friends and family.

We are members of the GAN Network, the largest global accelerator network in the world.