Lisa Cairns

Lisa is a dynamic, open-minded, market strategist and market analyst who is dedicated to helping companies target tough issues and provide innovative and agile solutions to realize their market growth potential. Lisa has deep expertise in research and analysis of diverse populations, complex variables, markets, and industries gained from a long academic career in linguistic anthropology coupled with over a decade in the business trenches with companies spanning pre-launch start-ups to successful exits, and long-standing global enterprises. Her academic roots are the core of her unique ability to help companies with branding and identity solutions that resonate, whether as a new venture or those seeking to pivot. Lisa’s strong ethnographic skills support her clients with a rich framework to identify and understand their market opportunities and add to the data necessary to make informed decisions for immediate and phase-implemented growth strategies.

Leveraging a diverse tool kit of problem-solving, deductive, and communicative skills Lisa collaboratively guides the development of clear, customized market and product strategies, whether for internal teams or external customers. Her key areas of expertise include a keen ability to quickly synthesize a wide range of data to identify key market opportunities through branding & identity, agile product placement, scalable service offerings, expanding revenue streams, understanding market gaps, and collaboratively setting innovative market plans. Lisa also consults with some of the global leaders in market trend analysis to provide qualitative research and insight on rapidly shifting trends across sectors providing analyses and market strategies that help companies realize unique market leadership positions and gain agility by honestly resonating with their customer and client base.

Lisa has a Ph.D. and A.M. in Linguistics from The University of Chicago. She holds a B.A. from Hofstra University, where she was Hofstra's first woman undergraduate to be awarded a Fulbright-Hayes Grant for independent research. Lisa can be reached at lcairns[at]