Luke Marvel

After graduating from Pepperdine University in 2008, Luke began his career in Corporate Finance and Accounting as a Senior Financial Analyst for Raytheon in Dallas, Texas and was a member of their selective Leadership Development Program. Although the career in finance was exciting and challenging, Luke felt called to leave the safety of a corporate environment and pursue his passion: the real estate industry.

His real estate career began with the purchase of his first two investment properties in College Station, but it did not stop there. He quickly became convinced that he needed to follow his passion and help others successfully navigate one of the largest and most pivotal financial investments they would make.

While he started dealing in residential sales, he was quickly approached by Heath Phillips and The Barracks in the effort of joining The Barracks team to create and implement the on-site Leasing and Property Management business model as a way to directly increase the attractiveness to investors, as well as, the number of townhomes sold each year.  In the first year, sales increased by over 400% and Luke has continued to run the Leasing and Management portion of the business since and also took over the Sales portion of the business in 2013.

At The Barracks, Luke’s influence and experience bring insight to the Sales and Management division of the business. His guidance over and execution of the townhome sales have set records and his marketing of the community continues to create a powerful, organic, grass-roots buzz that has made The Barracks so successful.

Meanwhile, Luke has also been busy building his own personal real estate portfolio to approximately 50 properties, has been active in all aspects of real estate, including flipping, remodeling, new residential construction projects, and more recently into improving commercial projects.

Luke and his wife Brittany live in College Station with 4 dogs and a baby girl on the way. Luke enjoys travel, a good craft beer (or two), hanging out with his wife and being an active member of the entrepreneurial community.  He is also known to keep up the office morale with an occasional face-plant while wakeboarding or while showcasing his dance moves in a bear suit.