John Hanks is an industry veteran with more than 24 years of corporate experience leading teams at National Instruments and is now a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M.

At National Instruments Hanks was a catalyst that brought together teams to start several successful software and hardware product lines.  In roles as VP of Product Marketing and VP of Life Sciences, his efforts contributed to National Instruments being named 12 times best places to work for by Fortune Magazine and to delivering consistent, profitable growth from $40M to $1.2B.

As an entrepreneur at National Instruments, Hanks led and managed a broad array of business responsibilities including product management, system engineering, business development, IP licensing, mergers and acquisitions, ecosystem development, reseller agreements, and partner relationships.

In addition, Hanks is a wearable tech, health care, and big data thought leader as Executive Director of the Center for Remote Healthcare Technology at Texas A&M University.  His expertise and interest include low-power, wearable sensor technology for fitness, medical, and point-of-care applications and software development for smart phones, smart watches, and fitness bands.

Other interests include affordable prototyping and design, technology market validation, FDA regulations, and disruptive technology innovation.

From Seed Sumo:“John is an innovator and has been for several years.  He brings invaluable advice for all of our startups.”