Steve has worked on projects with NASCAR, several Major League Baseball teams, companies on every continent (except Antartica), international athletes, startups, and even collaborated on a NY Times bestselling book. He has been “Finding a better way” in technology, business, strategic planning, marketing, and professional development for over 20 years and is also a Lean Startup enthusiast.

5 things you need to know about Steve: 

  1. Ranked competitive gamer - Lead a team from below 50,000 to 8th in the world
  2. Co-Founder of the Hot Pepper Pitch (Thanks to my son Stoker Tinkle for introducing me to the concept through Hot Pepper Gaming! Also thanks to Vernon Shaw.)
  3. Functional insomniac - Sleep is optional
  4. Expect brutal honesty and honest encouragement regarding your startup
  5. World's best at giving simple analogies to explain complicated ideas

From Seed Sumo:“Steve has the ability to help you become better in the matter of minutes. He is extremely well versed in Lean Methods and will challenge every single thing you have assumed about your business. Extremely valuable mentor for Seed Sumo and loves every minute of mentoring.”