eff is an investor, serial entrepreneur, PhD Electrical Engineer and avid student of life with an aptitude for strategy and analytical problem solving.

Jeff left the faculty of ECE at Texas A&M University to start PivotPoint Solutions in 2004, which he now is the CEO of. Since then, he has led the successful start-up and exit of multiple software entities including EOS Analytic.  He now leads PivotPoint Solutions in a support role after a successful sale of a key national-level telecommunication software solution used by Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Cricket and T-Mobil.

Prior to his experience in academia, Jeff worked as an electrical engineer in the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and held consulting engagements with Verizon Wireless, Ericsson and Motorola.

Jeff is passionate about finding alignment within organizations.

From Seed Sumo:“Jeff has a proven track record of success and is extremely smart.  He brings a lot to the table at his mentor sessions and is extremely valuable.”