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As of May 19, 2014 the teams began the 100-Day bootcamp which will shape the future of their business. With a lean model approach and initial funds ranging from $20-50k, super-human mentors will combine 800 years of experience to help these teams develop a successful business plan.

“They will hear amazing speeches, pick the brains of some of the best and brightest CEO’s, and receive pitch training by high caliber venture capitalists,” says DJ Monteilh, Program Director at Seed Sumo.

The state of the art facility located in Bryan/College Station is in the same complex as Nutrabolt International (Cellucor, Inc #505, Aggie100 #6).

Just ten minutes from the Texas A&M University (TAMU) campus, Seed Sumo has an incredible opportunity to fuel innovation and capitalize on some of the school’s greatest talent.

With that being said, three computer science majors from TAMU took a proactive approach and designed AskAgs, a platform to match people with questions to people with answers. AskAgs has already had over 28,000 unique users on their web app, which is more than half of the Texas A&M population. Their official name, AskU, allows them to scale to just about any other institution.

Coming all the way from Slovenia, Sportwip is a team with a handful of extremely qualified entrepreneurs with backgrounds stretching from legal consulting to software engineering to graphic design. Sportwip is best understood as a mileage program for your health. The key difference from their competitors is the gaming element Sportwip brings along where users can compete with each other and earn prizes after reaching certain athletic goals.

More close to home, Gazoo, founded by three local entrepreneurs, has had a soft landing at Seed Sumo with a big take off coming soon to test their product at Texas A&M University this summer. Using cloud technology, Gazoo allows students to access the University’s lab computers from any device, and with more security than ever before.

With a catchy name of Two Cents, this team has found a creative interface for entrepreneurs and mentors to interact and filter through each other to find the perfect match. With such a heavy emphasis of mentors in the startup world, Two Cents leverages their ties in startup communities to make the mentor process more automated and easy to manage.

A former Army Special Forces Operator with a passion for education found a way to help universities and students find each other. Prepify, provides free SAT prep for lower class students and gives them the opportunity to have full access to SAT prep and enhance their college search experience.

reQwip, born in Austin at The University of Texas, is creating a trusted mobile and web marketplace for buying and selling new and used sports gear listed by individuals and shops. reQwip is making sports affordable and accessible, so that more aspiring and serious athletes can discover and excel in sports they love. Have old sports equipment in your garage? “reQwip it.”

The seventh team that was selected is a stealth team that will be announced publicly in a few weeks.

The program culminates September 4th, 2014 with a Demo Day showcasing each start-up to hundreds of investors.

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