Seed Sumo’s Goal is Product Market Fit, not a perfect pitch

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A common misconception among the public about startup accelerators is that we are just there to help mold your pitch for demo day.  Our goal at Seed Sumo is actually product market fit.  We are big believers in the velocity of the 1st dollar taught by Noah Kagan.  Too many startups build their products then go looking for customers, when in fact you should do the opposite.

The first month of the Seed Sumo acceleration program we force our startups out of the building to talk to the market.  This forces them to prove their concept before building anything.  We also shower them with mentors during this process to help dissect the information they are receiving and help make some of the biggest decisions these startups will face.  Steve Blank (Harvard Professor and to some the “Godfather of Silicon Valley”) explains product market fit extremely well in this video.  Enjoy.

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