Meet the Founder: GMTRY





Vip Sitaraman is an 18 year old 3-time entrepreneur, University of Arizona graduate, and founder of GMTRY. He makes published research articles accessible to everyone by adding beautifully designed infographics that makes the complex, commonplace. Hailing from Chandler, Arizona, he has already been featured in Forbes, NPR, and was published in the World Forum of Science at only 16.

During his scientific work, a mentor reached out to Vip and asked if he had been interested in science outreach because of his interest in graphic design. Vip started a simple blog and it has blossomed into the startup we see today. After a frustrating encounter where it took him 1 month to fully understand a 7 page research paper, Vip realized the importance of building GMTRY to serve as a new way to communicate complex ideas to people.

Click here to watch the full podcast and learn more about how Vip is putting the art in article.